Our Team and Experience


Ken Henshaw leads We the People as Executive Director. For nearly 20-years, Ken has worked closely with communities in the Niger Delta especially in those communities where oil and gas have been extracted for decades with devastating environmental, health and social consequences. His work is focused on ensuring that decades of environmental pollution is cleaned up, that the rights of indigenous people are respected and protected, that community livelihoods lost to pollution are restored, and that the rising effects of climate change are mitigated. Ken keenly monitors the unfolding impacts of climate change and hydrocarbon pollution on communities in Nigeria, including connections with health challenges, insecurity, food security and migration. Ken participates actively in the global climate justice movement space. His published researches interrogate plans for ensuring environmental sustainability, combating climate change and driving a just transition. Ken is passionate about increasing community voices and strengthening community agency in engaging the government and corporate power. He has lived his entire life in Nigeria’s Niger Delta


Johnjoseph ‘JJ’ Atsu is We the People’s project assistant on Human Rights and Climate Justice. JJ studied Sociology at the University of Calabar, and works closely with communities impacted by climate change in southern Nigeria. He documents existing and emerging impacts of climate change on these communities, and supports them to build resilience. JJ is passionate about protecting the Cross River Forests and the rich wildlife in it. He researches and contributes to advocacy and policy recommendations aimed at ending deforestation and protecting community livelihoods.


Perfect Johndick is We the People’s Communication and Media Assistant. She engages with communities and organizations to champion climate policies that drive environmental conservation and community resilience to climate change. Perfect is a great storyteller, a graphic designer, and an artist. She uses storytelling, arts and photography to inspire communities to take action in combating climate change and hydrocarbon engendered environmental degradation. Perfect’s goal is to join the collective effort to build a just, inclusive, and sustainable society where everyone thrives and attain their full potential.


Oti Urowayino is a seasoned professional serving as the Head of Administration at We the People. With a wealth of experience in organizational management and a deep-rooted passion for humanitarian causes, Oti leads the administrative team in ensuring the seamless operation of the organization's initiatives. Driven by a commitment to efficiency and effectiveness, Oti excels in optimizing administrative processes and resource allocation to support the organization’s mission. His strategic approach to team coordination and resource management enables him to facilitate the smooth execution of projects. Through his unwavering dedication to enhancing operational performance, Oti exemplifies commitment to driving positive change within the administrative domain. His tireless efforts to uphold the values of We the People and his dedication to creating an equitable and harmonious workplace are his guiding principles.


Grace Appolos is a lawyer and leads We the People’s work on Human Rights and Climate Justice. With a passion for social and environmental justice, Grace uses her legal expertise to advocate for the rights of marginalized communities affected by climate change and train young activists at We the People’s Rights Academy to take up human rights activism. Grace researches, develops policy recommendations, and engages in strategic litigation to promote human rights and environmental justice. Grace's unwavering commitment to empowering communities and fighting for a sustainable future makes her a tireless advocate for positive change and a beacon of hope in the pursuit of equity and ecological justice.


Paul Atsu holds a post graduate degree in Accounting, and serves as the financial officer of We the People. Paul works to ensure that the organization follows through with generally accepted accounting standards and principles. Paul maintains accounting communication with partners and ensures that We the People stays accountable to its ideas and also to its partners. Beyond his professional calling, Paul is passionate about humanity and environmental sustainability, which makes We the People a perfect fit to harness his strength. Paul also assists in the Administrative work of the organization and has over the years, served in that capacity.


Nsikak Peter Udofot is a young environmentalist, climate change activist and lover of nature who is Project Assistant at We the People. Nsikak is a product of We the People’s Rights Academy which has fueled his passion and love for environmental equity and justice, routinely lending his voice against ecological injustice and inequalities both locally and globally. Nsikak supports We the Peoples’ interventions that address deforestation, climate change, illegal mining, oil contamination and other ecological concerns in the Niger Delta. Currently, he is on a mission to restore mangroves around the coastal areas of Cross River state. Nsikak's strong desire to see a better world is evident in his work to ensuring that the voices of frontline communities are heard, and that the government respects the ecological rights of people.


Ukeme Albert Ekong is a development practitioner with over 12-years’experience. She is the head of We the People’s Research and Advocacy Hub in Calabar. In this role, she leads campaigns and conducts researches around the organization’s core mandate. As Head of Office, Ukeme plays a crucial role in coordinating daily undertakings to ensure smooth operations within the organization. She leads in developing and implementing ecological interventions, and fostering critical partnerships. Ukeme coordinates We the People’s Rights Academy where she manages the training of young ecological and human rights advocates. She also leads We the People’s weekly radio programme ‘Eco Dialogue’. Ukeme is a feminist with passion for gender equality and a more inclusive society. Ukeme’s dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to We the People.


Leonard Oragwa is We the People’s Project Officer on Public Accountability and Civic Space Protection. Leonard plays a crucial role in advancing accountability in the management of public institutions and public resources and safeguarding civic spaces. His legal skills have been deployed to campaigns aimed at ensuring that public institutions established to intervene in climate change and environmental protection, perform optimally. Leonard is an expert researcher with a knack for civil rights and environmental sustainability. His researches have focused on addressing climate change, fostering environmental sustainability, and highlighting civic space infringements. His contributions in both legal and programmatic capacities, coupled with his communication expertise, make him an invaluable asset in the pursuit of a more just and sustainable society.