Ken Henshaw leads We the People as Executive Director. For nearly 20-years, Ken has worked closely with communities in the Niger Delta especially in those communities where oil and gas have been extracted for decades with devastating environmental, health and social consequences. His work is focused on ensuring that decades of environmental pollution is cleaned up, that the rights of indigenous people are respected and protected, that community livelihoods lost to pollution are restored, and that the rising effects of climate change are mitigated. Ken keenly monitors the unfolding impacts of climate change and hydrocarbon pollution on communities in Nigeria, including connections with health challenges, insecurity, food security and migration. Ken participates actively in the global climate justice movement space. His published researches interrogate plans for ensuring environmental sustainability, combating climate change and driving a just transition. Ken is passionate about increasing community voices and strengthening community agency in engaging the government and corporate power. He has lived his entire life in Nigeria’s Niger Delta