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Vote-Buying: Politicians Have Nothing To Offer – Activist

Ahead of the 2019 general elections n Nigeria a human rights activist, Ken Henshaw, says any politician who buys vote only indicates that he / she has nothing to offer. Henshaw, who stated this last Saturday at a peaceful protest organized in Port Harcourt by a coalition of Rivers State Civil society organizations and another…

Environment & Climate Change

…Again we Rose Against the Soot

In the last 24 months, residents of Port Harcourt the River State Capital have been battling with the emergence of hydrocarbon soot, the by-product of incomplete combustion coming from the many oil and gas industry outlets in the state. The soot which is clearly noticeable as tiny dark particles on surfaces is believed to have…


The “Everyone-Else” Syndrome and Mass Complicity—My Corruption Story

All over our dear country are pointers of corruption: if it’s not the dilapidated roads which billions of naira have gone into their constructions, it is the budget with staggering figures for frivolous expenditures or it is the police, spread across Nigerian roads seeking bribes from motorists whom they end up extorting. Acts of corruption…


My Corruption Story: A Little Tip Off, No One will Know

Though situated in the very heart of the city of Port Harcourt, my sister’s new residence, a three-storey building with 12 tenants, was one of the few unfinished buildings in the area. Part of what was yet to be done, was a proper electrical connection. It was said that immediately after the rooms of the…