“If you do not know your rights, you will not know when it's being violated. My expectations is to learn about human rights and the modalities on how people can become more conscious of their rights as members of a democratic society”.– Theresa. THERESA MOSE recounts a sad story of a young girl who was unjustly denied admission to a nursing school solely based on her posture. Witnessing such blatant discrimination, she firmly believes that no individual should be prejudiced on any grounds. Furthermore, she is troubled by child marriages, recognizing them as severe violations of basic human rights. Motivated by her unwavering commitment to justice and equality, she joins the Rights Academy aiming to broaden her knowledge and skills, ultimately striving to combat all forms of discrimination and advocate for a more inclusive society


15. "I enrolled in the Rights Academy so I can sharpen the knowledge and skills I need to be a change agent in my community".— Victory. VICTORY AKANIYENE EKPEYONG is alarmed by the rate of domestic abuse in her community in Cross Rivers State. She wants to educate her community on the consequences of abuses, and the fate of abusers under relevant laws, and even go further to refer such cases to appropriate authorities. With the experience she is going to get from the Rights Academy, Victory is motivated to develop and participate in initiatives to drastically reduce the rate of domestic violence in her community.

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