Rights Academy

At Rights academy, we transform lives and Create Quality Individuals who can be a voice and create an effect in their Generation and Help shape their Immediate Environment,With the our Experienced and Professional Tutors with Years of experience we are confident that we are creating Individuals that Redefine and resahpe the society at large hence, creating an enabling environment for others to thrive.


“I really wanted to be a lawyer because I love fighting for human rights...so I see this platform as another opportunity given to me to do exactly that.”— Angela.
ANGELA JACOB FRIDAY believes that education is fundamental for ensuring human rights and the rights of nature. Recognizing the significance of tertiary education in fostering this, she applied to the Rights Academy to gain the necessary knowledge and insights to transform education.


“The reason I applied to the Rights Academy is to educate and protect the rights of people in my community”. – Akudo. CHUKWUEM AKUDO ANDREW is passionate about the rights of children. She is deeply concerned about the fate of over 300 children abandoned on the streets of Calabar, who live on sidewalks and pavement, and scavenge to survive. She joined the Rights Academy to acquire the skills needed to protect the children.


I enrolled to the Rights Academy because I want to build myself and my career. I see this Academy as promising and wanting to build people towards becoming strong advocates for human and ecological rights”.– Clement. CLEMENT ADANGBO OKO was driven to enroll in the Rights Academy by a profound understanding of the pressing need to address deforestation and poor waste management in Cross Rivers State. Fueled by his passion for environmental justice he is committed to taking action towards ecological sustainability. With the aim of promoting sustainable practices and safeguarding our planet, he embraces the platform of the Rights Academy to drive meaningful change and create a greener, more resilient future.


“How can we give voice to those who are vulnerable? I joined the Rights Academy to get more insights on how to uphold people's rights especially those who are marginalized”.– Comfort. COMFORT MONDAY UMOH enrolled in the Rights Academy to be a voice to vulnerable and minority groups. She is concerned about sexual abuses of minors resulting to the spate of teenage pregnancies in Cross Rivers State. She also believes that reducing the number of out of girls children in school would curb this menace. Driven by her passion for justice and equality, she seeks to acquire the knowledge and skills to advocate for the rights of the voiceless to create a safer, more inclusive society


“Some people do not even know that there is something called human rights. We need to take this education past the four walls of the classroom and into the grassroots.” — Grace. GRACE DENIS is troubled by the environmental menace created by poor waste management, especially the management of plastic waste. She is also concerned about illegal arrests and detention of citizens in Cross River State. With a firm belief in upholding human and ecological rights, she joined the Rights Academy to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to advocate for better waste management practices and fight against unlawful detention by taking sensitizations to the grassroot, ensuring a more just and sustainable society.


“My expectations from the Rights Academy is to be equipped with the necessary skills to fight for the fundamental rights of my people.”—Humphrey. HUMPHREY OBASI is a determined individual deeply distraught by the devastating impact of illegal mining on his community's farmlands. Driven by his desire for community justice and fair compensation, he joined the Rights Academy seeking to learn strategies and approaches to address the ecological rights violations and secure a better future for his community.


“I enrolled in the Rights Academy for my personal development and to be fitted to impact my community as well”.— Cecilia. JACOB CECILIA JAMES has genuine concern for the poor sanitary state and inadequate water supply in her community which has driven her to join the Rights Academy. She passionately calls for government's intervention in providing clean and safe water, and for the implementation of eco-friendly waste management systems to protect the environment. She aspires to use the Rights Academy platform to play an active role in promoting access to clean water and sustainable waste management practices in her community and beyond.


“I don't like seeing the rights of people being infringed on. I like to tell people what they are owed, this is what their rights are, and how they are not supposed to be treated by the government.” —Jude. JUDE EDU AWARA is enthusiastic about healthcare and is a health professional. He uses his experience in this regard to pursue the right to decent and affordable healthcare as a fundamental step towards enjoying the right to life. Recognizing the dire consequences of a compromised health system, he is driven to address this injustice through the platform of the Rights Academy to fight for accessible and quality healthcare for all, ensuring the fundamental right to life is upheld.


“My expectations after the 13 weeks here at the Academy will be that I know more about ecological rights and how to speak up for people and communities whose rights are being violated.”– Maureen. MAUREEN NEJI is deeply distressed by the adverse effects of deforestation and open defecation on the climate. Driven by the urgent need for action, she joins the Rights Academy to build capacity to advocate for ecological rights and combat destructive practices on the environment, especially those that lead to the emission of greenhouse gasses.


“Knowledge is power and I can't agree less.” — Mercy. MERCY IRONBAR has a deep concern for vulnerable people, and is working towards ending gender-based violence and child abuse in her community. Committed to making a difference, she joined the Rights Academy to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable her to effectively address these critical issues and promote a safer society.


“I love fighting for my rights. I enrolled in the Rights Academy to do more of this because I have so many instance where people try to violate my rights”– Etido. ETIDO ANIEDI is a Mass Communications student at the University of Calabar. Etido grew up in an abusive surrounding and so can speak as a first hand witness. Determined to break the cycle of violence, she recognizes the urgent need to educate community persons about domestic violence and abuse. Driven by personal experience, she applied to the Rights Academy to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make a lasting impact.

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