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Why we are also demanding an end to SARS and other forms of law enforcement brutality

In the last 3 years, We the People has campaigned actively demanding an end to atrocities of
law enforcement officers against citizens in Nigeria, especially in the Niger Delta. In 2018 alone,
we published 10 reports describing killings by state and non-state actors, including those of the
Police and other armed forces.

Between 2018 and 2019, we organized 4 town hall meetings where we brought together law
enforcement agencies, the National Human Rights Commission, the Public Complaints
Commission, civil society organizations, the media and communities to discuss solutions to
routine killings. In each of the interventions, commitments were extracted, but unfortunately,
they were not honored. Our campaigns have been focused on demanding that killings are
investigated and perpetrators are punished.
Below are some killings committed by Police officers in Rivers state alone in a period a little
over 1 year, and documented by We the People. We continue to demand accountability for
these killings.

1. On the 4th of April 2019, 29-year old Odeh Stephen, a commercial bus driver who plied
the Port Harcourt/Yenagoa was killed by a police officer at the Ahoada West axis of the
East/West Road

2. On the 18th of April 2019, as youths came out protest the death of their friend at
Atali/Elimgbu, police officers opened fire at them, killing 13-year old Precious Gladstone,
and injuring 27-year old Turuchi

3. On the 12th of June 2019, 16-year old Abdulahi Idris and another unidentified man were
tortured, killed and buried behind the Mile 3 Nkpolu Police Station. After initial
investigations their bodies were exhumed for further investigations and burial.

4. On the 11th of May 2019, men of the IGP Monitoring Team at Aluu tortured 21-year old
Daniel Agori to death after they had arrested him at his home, and sexually abused his
mother, Mrs Ebi Agori.

5. On the 9th July, 2019, SARS officers shot and killed 4 protesters who were protesting the
death their friend, Aleruchi Woko, who was earlier killed by a soldier at Nkpolu.

6. On the 23rd of December 2019, Mr. Chima Ikwunado, an automobile mechanic at the
popular Ikokwu Spare Parts Market, was tortured to death by men of the Eagle Crack
Team at the Mile 1 Police Station.

7. On the 19th of September 2020, 20-year old Daniel Chibuike Ikeaguchi, aka Sleek was
shot dead by men of the Anti-kidnapping Unit of the Police at Elelenwo axis of Port

Aside from members of the Police force, other members of the armed forces including the
Nigeria Army have also been indicted in killings in the state. On the 23 rd of May, 2019, the
Nigerian Army invaded Udoda, a community in Rivers state destroying several houses and
killing at least 7 members of the community.
Despite the #EndSARS campaign and the commitments from the top brass of the Nigeria Police,
the same rules of engagement have remain and abuses continue.