We the People and the Rivers state branch of the National Orientation Agency have resolved to work together to end violent killings in Rivers state, and expose corruption in the state. The two organizations met on Friday 12th July 2019 at the office of the NOA.

Speaking for the NOA, the Director of the Agency Mr. Young Ayotamuno expressed appreciation for the work We the People has carried out in the Niger Delta region to ensure that violence is brought to an end and corruption is curbed. In his response, leader of the We the People delegation Ken Henshaw expressed thanks for the continued willingness of the NOA to collaborate with We the People in values reorientation.

The meeting resolved to develop a strategic plan for continued collaboration in three critical areas;
1. Ending examination malpractices in Schools
2. Tracking state and local government budget expenditures as well as constituency projects
3. Ending the scourge of Sex for marks in tertiary Schools
4. Seeking accountability for victims of mass killings

In the last one year, We the People has collaborating severally with the NOA to end atrocious killings in Rivers state as well as encourage resistance to corruption in the state.